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Date: 04/27/03

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Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 20:32:17 +0100

Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions of Linux Security Courses for
inclusion on the website, there proved to be sufficient to separate Linux
courses from Windows. Sadly the SF-MS moderator rejected the post asking
for Windows Security courses, says a lot for Windows security ;o)

Salient Details on Unix and Linux courses are here on:

RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking & Security Administration

RHS333 Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services

Linux Security HV7044XS

Linux Security Course

433 UNIX® and Linux® Security: Hands-On

Securing Unix Systems

GL510: Network Security

GL550: Host Security

Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

PitBull LX

Hope this helps those of you looking to hone your skills, if you do know of
any more let me know and I'll upload them soonest

take care and once again thanks to those who responded for giving up your
valuable time

Taliskers Network Security Tools
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> Hi
> I'm looking for instructor lead security training courses for the various
> Linux operating systems. In order for them to qualify they need to be
> more than a day long and beyond the basic level.
> I'm trying to fill the training courses page on my website, I already have
> reasonable selection especially Linux but could do with more.
> Any feedback and recommendations would be greatly appreciated
> take care
> -andy
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