Re: latest ptrace hole patch?

From: Steve Bremer (
Date: 03/20/03

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    From: "Steve Bremer" <>
    To: "SB CH" <>
    Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 11:56:06 -0600

    > lots of errors. I downloaded the patch at /usr/src/linux/ and patch
    > -p1 < downloaded_alan's_patch. But lots of errors occurred.

    Search for the ptrace patch on the LKML. Alan accidentally
    released the patch for the latest version of the 2.4.21-pre-ac series
    instead of 2.4.20. Someone else has taken the patch and modified
    it to work with 2.4.20.

    Your Linux distro probably has an updated kernel available already
    (although this may not work for you depending on your

    Steve Bremer
    NEBCO, Inc.

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