Re: openSSL Key generation

From: Matthaeus Wander (
Date: 02/11/03

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    Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 20:01:40 +0100
    From: Matthaeus Wander <>
    To: Simon Thornton <>

    * Simon Thornton <> [2003-02-11 19:44]:
    > Two things occur to me; it's waiting for you to enter a password to
    > protect the key, as the process is bg it's blocked. The other thing that
    > can occur (very rarely) on linux is that the urandom system is not
    > getting enough entropy to generate random numbers needed by OpenSSL.
    > [...]

    A little correction:

    If there is no entropy left, /dev/urandom returns calculated data.
    It's /dev/random, which blocks.
    More information can be found in man 4 random.

    Greets, Matthäus Wander.

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