Re: Secure Web-Based Administration

From: Jos Kirps|EducDesign (
Date: 02/02/03

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    Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 22:07:04 +0100
    From: Jos Kirps|EducDesign <>

    >Hi Jos,
    >thanks for your answer. I just didn't know why Confixx is using
    > Cronjobs to execute changes done via web. Perhaps that are no security
    > reasons, but others.


    hi chris,

    as far as i can say some jobs are done over night, for example
    counting files or calculating directory sizes. this is only done once
    a day to reduce processor load. maybe that's why cron is used,
    though i'm not sure as i don't have the time to take a closer look
    at the technology behind it.


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