Re: Secure Web-Based Administration

From: Ben La Monica (
Date: 01/21/03

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    From: "Ben La Monica" <>
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    Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 20:39:28 -0700

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    Subject: Secure Web-Based Administration

    > What are some ways that I can execute certain administrative
    > commands (such as ifconfig,iwconfig,route,scripts in my /etc/init.d/
    > directory, etc...) as root?

    You can enable suexec on your webserver (if you are using apache,, which can execute CGI programs as
    different users (still not root though). You may have to use PHP as an
    external CGI interpreter instead of a module in order to get it to work with
    suexec.), and then, using sudo (you can edit the sudo configuration file
    with visudo) give access to a user to the commands that you wish to execute
    as root.

    To execute the scripts as the superuser, you use the /usr/bin/sudo <command
    Check out the man pages (sudo(8) and sudoers(5)).

    -Ben La Monica
    CylindriNet Incorporated