RE: iptables REJECT types for UDP (if any)

From: Simon Byrnand (
Date: 11/21/02

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    Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:15:27 +1300
    To: Miguel Angel Rodríguez Jódar <>, "'Richard Dicaire'" <>
    From: Simon Byrnand <>

    At 18:01 16/11/02 +0100, Miguel Angel Rodríguez Jódar wrote:

    >> using -j DROP as a target, what I want to know is what types
    >> of REJECT
    >> can be used for UDP packets? Thanks.
    >AFAIK, UDP packets are not realiable, and haven't got things like the
    >RST option in their headers as TCP packets have, so dropping it is your
    >only choice.

    Not true,

    While UDP doesn't have RST, you can still send an ICMP destination port
    unreachable error, which has the same effect.

    In fact, if you use TCPDUMP I think you'll find that the REJECT rule for
    both UDP *and* TCP uses ICMP destination port unreachables.

    This makes it possible to tell the difference with a scanner between a TCP
    port which is really closed (sends a RST) and a TCP port that is firewalled
    with REJECT. (Sends an ICMP DEST UNREACH)


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