Re: iptables REJECT types for UDP (if any)

From: Alvaro Lopes (
Date: 11/16/02

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    Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 16:04:46 +0000
    From: Alvaro Lopes <>
    To: Richard Dicaire <>

    Richard Dicaire wrote:

    > I'm packet filtering UDP based on MAC address, this is working, I'm
    > using -j DROP as a target, what I want to know is what types of REJECT
    > can be used for UDP packets? Thanks.

     From the iptables manpage:

           --reject-with type
                  The type given can be icmp-net-unreachable,
    icmp-host-unreachable, icmp-port-
                  unreachable, icmp-proto-unreachable,
    icmp-net-prohibited or icmp-host-prohib­
                  ited, which return the appropriate ICMP error message
    (port-unreachable is the
                  default). The option tcp-reset can be used on rules
    which only match the TCP
                  protocol: this causes a TCP RST packet to be sent back.
    This is mainly useful
                  for blocking ident (113/tcp) probes which frequently
    occur when sending mail to
                  broken mail hosts (which won't accept your mail otherwise).