Re: VPN Choices for RedHat 7.3

From: Bennett Todd (
Date: 10/02/02

Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 17:12:30 -0400
From: Bennett Todd <>
To: Gustavo Gouvea <>

You might also want to check out the vpn list, at

As others mentioned, it should be doable, and an ip registry service
that lets you give yourself a stable hostname is probably going to
be the key to making any solution work.

If you have negligible performance needs, and really good internet
connectivity, ppp+ssh can work.

But if there's any change you might want to get good performance,
that remains [nearly] as good as the underlying internet
connectivity even when that connectivity isn't perfect, don't spend
time on ppp+ssh; the CIPE project authors explain why at

Which brings up another possibility, for simple RedHat 7.3 <->
RedHat 7.3 connectivity, you might find CIPE
<URL:> easier to use;
it's designed for this kind of job, and is preposterously much
simpler than IPSec (e.g. FreeS/WAN) since IPSec was designed for
every job that anybody in the universe could dream up.

And CIPE is included with Red Hat 7.3.