AW: AW: entry in /etc/passwd

Date: 05/03/02

Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 10:38:07 +0200 

> > this may or may not be reason to worry, depending on whether or not
> > you trust the yp server. NIS (in)security is a chapter of its
> > own. (and personally, I think it's high time something else comes
> > along. the beauty of NIS is that it works and is widely supported.)
> Like LDAP?

It may just be me (and let's be frank: My knowledge of LDAP consists of
knowing what it stands for and that's it), but setting up the LDAP server
was a pain in the ass last time I tried. Setting up the YP server took half
an hour, tops.

I have a developer network running on NIS/NFS right now, simply because even
though it pains me every time I think about it, that's the only thing that
worked pretty much out-of-the-box and this being what it is there simply is
no time to spend a couple days on setting up LDAP and OpenAFS or Coda.

If you want to do me - and tons of other people, I guess, a favour, write a
script that'll initialize an LDAP server (easy enough to install) and set it
up so that it handles user authentications. I looked at freshmeat and other
sources and found nothing. If someone can point me to an easy-to-setup LDAP
thingy, I'll switch the developer network over on the same day.

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