entry in /etc/passwd

From: Yannis Nikolopoulos (yanodd@otenet.gr)
Date: 04/30/02

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 12:57:28 +0300
From: Yannis Nikolopoulos <yanodd@otenet.gr>
To: focus-linux@securityfocus.com

Hey all,

yesterday I noticed that the last line of my /etc/passwd file
was something like :

I didnt put it and it was definitely not there before :)
I vaguely remember that it has something to do with NIS..

any suggestions? Should I be worried???

Yannis Nikolopoulos             OTEnet S.A. Internet Service Provider
yanodd@otenet.gr                Tel: +30 10 3826199 

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