Re: Restricted Shells or Menu Based Shells

From: Christophe Zwecker (
Date: 02/23/02

From: Christophe Zwecker <>
To: Sumit Dhar <>
Date: 23 Feb 2002 04:17:54 +0100

On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 11:10, Sumit Dhar wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend a good restricted or menu based shell?
> I believe bash2 when run with bash2 -r gives you a restricted shell. All
> you need to do is go the user entry in the password file and replace the
> default shell with /bin/bash2 -r.

hmm I tried that, but bash with params isnt accepted, I tried with " or
' 's dont work either. Man bash gives rbash as possible alternative, but
I havent found it anywhere, I use bash2.0.5 rh rpm.

any ideas ?


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