Re: Pam access.conf and host access

From: Shane Hickey (
Date: 02/20/02

From: Shane Hickey <>
To: Shane Hickey <>
Date: 19 Feb 2002 17:22:34 -0700

Ack... It was just a matter of a missing trailimg dot. I incorrectly
thought that the last "." was only used as a sort of wildcard.

So, it should have been


Thanks to all who responded. Not one person called me an idiot, even
though I prolly deserved it.



On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 10:22, Shane Hickey wrote:
> Hmm.. I'm seeing something weird with the pam-0.75-19 RedHat rpm. I'm
> restricting ssh access to a box using the following for my
> /etc/security/access.conf
> When I try to ssh in from that IP, I get the following in the logs.
> Feb 19 10:04:11 test1 sshd[1774]: PAM rejected by account
> configuration[6]: Permission denied
> Feb 19 10:04:11 test1 sshd[1774]: Failed password for ROOT from
> port 34741 ssh2
> However, if I change my access.conf to look like this..
> I can log in fine. It's almost like there is a weird bug or something
> that is failing to match a single complete IP in access.conf?
> Has anyone else seen this, or am I crazy (or doing something wrong)?
> Thanks,
> Shane Hickey

Shane Hickey
Network/System Consultant

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