Re: Setting up a secure shell server

From: Jens Schuessler (
Date: 01/16/02

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 20:03:37 +0100
From: Jens Schuessler <>

At 19:16 14.01.02, you wrote:

>>BTW : If your guys are using the Windows SSH2 client from, you will
>>have much less pain if you also use the sshd from (check the licence
>>but as I remember it sshd is free for OS's like FreeBSD, Linux etc..) not
>>the openssh sshd. It turns out the two sshd's use different key formats
>>which will likely drive you mad. I recall hearing of a key conversion
>>utility?? true?? anyone??
>I recently ran into this same problem using a Putty client and openssh sshd.

With the puttygen utility that came with the latest release of putty 0.52 a
few days ago, you have an option to store a public key in the SSH 2
standard format which AFAIK is used by You also get a key for
pasting it into an OPenSSH authorized_keys2 file in their format. I didnīt
tried it out, cause I have no account at an server.
Take a look at it.