Re: loging user's commands

From: Zow (
Date: 12/20/01

To: Joachim Blaabjerg <>
From: "Zow" Terry Brugger <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 16:35:22 -0800

> Yes it can, but it makes a bloddy mess. I'd rather recommend BSD Process
> Accounting (already included in the standard 2.2 and 2.4 linux kernel, IIRC),
> and the acct package. It generates nice statistics and is easy to use.

I'll second that recommendation and further add that if one of your goals is
"to be sure that some users do only what they are supposed to", then you
should set up permissions on your server appropriately: either set the "other"
permissions on all your files (data & executables) appropriately, or put your
users in the appropriate groups and set the gid and permissions of all your
files appropriately. Preventing your users from performing unauthorized
actions is much easier than constantly monitoring them.

My $.02,

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