Re: Bandwidth management

From: Leandro Neves de Oliveira (
Date: 12/06/01

From: Leandro Neves de Oliveira <>
To: jon schatz <>, "Mario R. Pizzolanti" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 10:57:45 -0200

Hy people;

Traffic shapper is an old module from the linux kernel. The iproute2 features
is better than shaper module. You could use the cbq.init script to control
iproute features.

Em Wednesday 05 December 2001 07:18 pm, jon schatz escreveu:
> you want toe traffic shaper:

>From shaper.c source code:

 * This is designed to handle lower speed links ( < 200K/second or so).
 * run off a 100-150Hz base clock typically. This gives us a resolution
 * 200Kbit/second of about 2Kbit or 256 bytes. Above that our timer
 * resolution may start to cause much more burstiness in the traffic. We
 * could avoid a lot of that by calling kick_shaper() at the end of the
 * tied device transmissions. If you run above about 100K second you
 * may need to tune the supposed speed rate for the right values.
 * BUGS:
 * Downing the interface under the shaper before the shaper
 * will render your machine defunct. Don't for now shape over
 * PPP or SLIP therefore!

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