Re: SQL Access Problem

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Date: 10/24/01

Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 18:13:21 -0400
Subject: Re: SQL Access Problem
From: jaywhy <>
To: Antoine Pouch <>, <>
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on 10/22/01 12:20 PM, Antoine Pouch at wrote:

> Don't run Apache as nobody. Be nice to him, give him an user account.
> Unless someone can explain why it should be run as nobody ?

It doesn't matter what user you run Apache at, because the SQL configuration
file still most be readable by the apache user. Therefore, anyone with CGI
executable access can print out the file.

Since I wrote the original message, I figured out a few things that can be
done to get around the problem. None are really that great.

1. Run suExec. Which wouldn't allow you to access files beyond your
document root, and also has a few other security checks.

2. Run proprietary web server. Proprietary web server could run as the
owner of the file and Apache as another user.

3. Run two Apache's. One as a normal user and one who as the owner of the
SQL configuration file.

The best solution is suExec by far. Does anyone run Miva or any other
commercial shopping cart programs, because they are probably all susceptible
without suExec.

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Network Administrator - RHCE

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