Re: Emergency kit?

From: fergus (
Date: 10/05/01

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 10:48:05 +0100
From: fergus <>
Subject: Re: Emergency kit?
Message-ID: <>

On 02.10-05:47, Janto Trappe wrote:
> * Systems Administrator <> [17-09-01 10:36]:
> > What do people have in their kit to deal with emergencies? In our last
> > emergency, I was directed to "Tom's Rescue Disk" (
> > I realised that it would be useful to have a printout of /etc/fstab from
> > every machine. Is there anything else which people would recommend to me?
> > (disks, printouts, whatever).

if you are capturing the fstab, i'd suggest getting a complete partition map
of all disks so that you know the logical location of file systems.

this may become complicated with complex disk solutions (vinum || similar) but
worth while for analysis - recovery of data.

i'm not familiar with the tools but i guess they may already do this ? ? ?