Re[2]: FW: Linux server as it own firewall

From: Serge Shvyryaev (
Date: 09/13/01

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 10:03:33 +0400
From: Serge Shvyryaev <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re[2]: FW: Linux server as it own firewall

Hello all,

> The way I see it, if someone can manage to break into a locked
> down firewall [..]
It's virtually impossible to break into firewall with some simple
rules to protect himself such as - don't allow any connections to
or from itself with only inbound ssh allowed from trusted machines.
It's no door to break through...
And if shit happens - it's no tools to run on it (if unneeded binaries
removed from fw) and no connections out can be opened. Heck! You even
can easily run it from read-only media.
But anyway - the real target will be your servers, because deamons
running on them are real treat to security and possibilities to
attack. And you must allow access to them on firewall because these
services are what you servers for.

Best regards,

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