FW: "Self defense" Attack scripts

From: Simon Lorentsen (slaurent@storm-services.net)
Date: 08/14/01

From: "Simon Lorentsen" <slaurent@storm-services.net>
To: <focus-linux@lists.securityfocus.com>
Subject: FW: "Self defense" Attack scripts
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 07:32:14 +0100
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From: Simon Lorentsen [mailto:slaurent@storm-services.net]
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To: 'focus-linux@lists.securityfocus.com'
Subject: RE: "Self defense" Attack scripts

Yeah what a good idea, don't know how much experience you have had
with trying to contact an isp about a problem, lets see, hmm, ring
up, speak to an operator who has no real clue, your question is not
part of her phone script, so she puts you on hold, 10 minutes later
her supervisior takes your name and number and says someone will call
you back

Hmmm and guess what, they don't.

Omg it sounds like I'm trying to report a user with he's elite ping
- - -f and packeting commands


In a perfect world with perfect people.....

Nice idea, but alas, imho it would not work ;p

And attacking a server back is just a dumb idea as well, can you
imagine thousands and thousands of servers dosing each other all over
the internet and most admins (no disrespect to admins on this list)
would not have a clue cos it's not in their nix guide for dummies :)

Afterthought: who rm'd my beer ?

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