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From: Scott Teeters Jr (
Date: 08/01/01

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Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 00:19:37 -0400
From: Scott Teeters Jr <>
To: "Nathan E. Pralle" <>
Subject: Re: Question

The host version of the previously mentioned Phoenix Adaptive Firewall supports a ppp connection. Currently, I run the host version to protect my home network on my cable modem, and I have it running on my laptop as added protection while I'm on the road, protecting either my ppp or eth0 connection, depending on where I am. It is easy to install, setup and maintain through a local web browser interface. One point to mention, it does not yet support the Linux 2.4 kernel, although I've heard that is coming in the near future.

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 15:45:58 -0500
"Nathan E. Pralle" <> wrote:

NEP> On a similar note, does anyone know of a good Linux-based firewall that has
NEP> modem PPP support? For those of us stuck in the middle of Nowhere, where
NEP> dial-up is still prevalent and broadband scarce, this would be nice.

NEP> Thanks!

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