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From: T. Zell (
Date: 07/31/01

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Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 23:31:49 +0200
To: Aleksey Domorad <>, <>
From: "T. Zell" <>
Subject: Re: Question

At 14:28 31.07.01 -0400, Aleksey Domorad wrote:

>I know it's gotta be a stupid question but if anyone knows a good =
>FireWall product for Linux/FBSD Besides ipchains and so on,=20
>something wich would work like Watchguard Box.
I used Smoothwall ( for quite a while. It has
Modem, ISDN and experimental pppoe support. It is adminstered with a Web
interface. The next version (0.99) is due August 2nd.