Re: RE: Re: I love the smell of whining in the morning...

Andrew - I see Tippingpoint is listed as a "strategic partner" on your Web site, so I guess I can see where you might be concerned about such results.

However, the reason why Tippingpoint results have altered from report to report is covered quite well in Rick Moy's blog posts at

The fact that the 3Com acquisition seemed to precipitate something of a "brain drain" from the old Tippingpoint team (none of the key guys involved in the NSS test with me 5 years ago remain) has surely not helped - this often happens with acquisitions, of course, but 3Com has a worse record than most when it comes to supporting its enterprise customers, so it should come as no surprise in this particular case.

Given the fact that the Tippingpoint problems could affect you significantly we would be very happy for you to contact us directly at NSS to talk over the results in more detail should you wish.

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