Re: Announcing Allthreats

After implementing a similar tool for analyzing rotating packet
captures I found honeysnap to often times create corrupted files when
extracting out of http. Have you experienced similar issues?



On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 11:00 AM, Ismael Briones<ismak@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I would like to announce the

Allthreats is a free online network traffic analyzer. This system is
able to analyze a pcap file with several tools: IDS (only Snort at the
moment [Sourcefire VRT and Emerging Threats signatures], I’ll integrate
Bro IDS soon), Honeysnap (from honeynet project. It’s able to analyze
HTTP, FTP and SMTP traffic, extract files from the pcap and analyze them
with several antivirus engines [by now: Clamav, Bitdefender and Avira] ).

See the demo
for a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of Allthreats.

This service can analyze binaries with several AV engines (like other
well-knonwn online services), nevertheless it adds a new functionality:
Remote File Analyzer (URL Analyzer). You don’t have  to download the
binary, we download it for you.

I would like to add more IDS and antivirus engines, so if you’re
interested in add your AV or IDS engine, please send me an email:

Lead Developer Allthreats

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