RE: Fingerprinting IDS sensors?


if the IDS interface is only listening, not having an IP address, then most likely not. The NIC is still registered via MAC address on a switch, but that would require having access to it.

Attacker could know your IDS, let me give you some examples: if the management interface is accessible from outside with logo of the IDS vendor (believe me, I've seen few of them), has an IP address and TTL is different then all other hosts (windows shop with one ping-bale Linux machine in DMZ), has a dns/host name with IDS in it (reverse dns of the company can reveal it), network admin posted on few forums that he needs with help of IDS in the DMZ/Internet, someone called and offered a new IDS solutions, but network security personal told him that IDS is deployed and how.

Attacker could get creative, above are just few examples. Good security practice should make this type of information hard to get.


Ondrej Krehel, CISSP, CEH

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I'm wondering if it is possible for an attacker to know/aware that a
target site has already had IDS products deployed? If yes, how? An
example would help, Thanks a lot!