Re: 10Gbps IPS - what you need to know

Ravi Chunduru wrote:
This is impressive. I wonder what is in there under the hood in McAfee box.

Copied from the test report: "The device ably supported over 11Gbps
of traffic with the larger HTTP response sizes (21KB) and lower
connections per second (5,000 CPS per Gigabit of traffic) found on
typical corporate networks".

It appears to be some calcualtion mistake! It comes to around
820-830Mbps (21Kbytes * 5000 ), not 11Gbps throughput!

Per gigabit of traffic.

At 1Gbps, they would see 820Mbs or so outbound from the servers.

At 10Gbps, they would see 8200 Mbs outboud.

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