Tcpreplay 3.4.0 is officially out

I'm happy to announce that Tcpreplay 3.4.0 is out and posted to
Sourceforge. This is a pretty large release in terms of bugs fixed
and enhancements in tcpreplay, tcprewrite and tcpbridge so I've
included the changelog below.

Grab it here:

Now I'm switching gears and I'm starting to work on Tcpreplay 4.0 with
Abdelrazak Younes. Abdel has offered to create a cross platform QT
GUI for Tcpreplay and so I'm working on the backend to make this
possible. I'm really excited to have an experienced GUI developer
like Abdel helping out to make Tcpreplay easier for people to use.


01/15/2009: Version 3.4.0
- Add libdnet and remove libnet support for sending packets (#302)
- Fix numerous 802.11 decoder bugs (#325)
- Fix compile issue under Linux (#326)
- Fix Mbps/sec nonsense (#327)
- Fix tcprewrite crash when packets have no L3+ data (#328)
- Clean up err.c/err.h code and improve performance for non-debug
builds (#331)
- Fix timesdiv() timer code (#332)
- Improve high-performance packet sending via multiple
packets/interval (#334)
- Fix statistics report errors (#335)
- Fix BPF filters not being used in tcpbridge (#336)
- Improve tcpbridge performance (#337)
- Only use two libpcap handles for tcpbridge (#338)
- Fix autotools usage errors (#340)
- Clean up 'make test' results (#341)
- Update to AutoGen/AutoOpts 5.9.7 (#342)
- Fix compiler warnings from GCC 4.2 (#344)
- Fix numerous memory corruption bugs in libtcpedit DLT plugin code (#345)
- Add support for editing IPv4 TOS/DiffServ/ECN (#348)
- Update autotools to more recent versions (#349)
- Report injection method via -V (#352)
- Fix DLT_USER l2len check bug (#353)
- Replace man2html w/ groff (#354)
- Fix false pcap_inject() detection under Windows/Winpcap (#355)
- tcpbridge now builds under Win32/Cygwin
- libdnet is no longer an option for Win32/Cygwin (#57)
- tcpbridge now supports --listnics (#357)

Aaron Turner - Pcap editing and replay tools for Unix & Windows
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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -- Benjamin Franklin

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