Re: rootkit and trojan hunting

"Zow" Terry Brugger wrote:
i am developing a small host integrity scanner / checker, to hunt
rootkits and trojans. offcourse, i need to add more methods /
techniques to detect. I am currently hashing out important files like
kernel, /boot dir and files. Is there any other possible
way to code it better and anyother suggestion would be really helpful
in my coding.

Don't reinvent the wheel -- just use Tripwire. for the open source version,
or for the commercial version if you
need something beefier. Based on what you've said in your message, it
sounds like the open source version will work just fine.


Also worth mentioning are aide , which does file integrity checking , and rkhunter and lynis , rkunter checks the system for rootkits and trojans and lynis checks for some configuration issues.


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