Re: IPS/IDS location suggestions in Network.


For a pity I do not have an experience in implementing IPS on 10g links,
however I've been researching IBM appliances (ISS+Proventia). In practice
they can not do the deep inspection by signature patterns in protocols
which is higher
than transport layer (i.e. checking for an exploit code) at even
several G speed. Not sure if they just skip checks for packets or it
will became a bottleneck in case you try to force all packets to be
checked. You should talk with IBM specialists what set of features
will be available on that speed.

2008/3/14, Albert R. Campa <abcampa@xxxxxxxxx>:

See link for Network design, design for redundancy and speed.

these boxes are routers and links are 10gb.

different network segements will be hanging off of the 4 routers at
the bottom.

There will be an IPS higher up in the mix between the 2 top routers
and the internets as well as other stuff.

Main corporate network will be hanging off each of the 4 bottom switches.

So the goal is to monitor internal traffic between 4 network segments.

Idea of Cisco module IDS in the 2 top routers is scratched.

So what about in-line IPS on each of the links between the 4 routers
and the 2?
ISS has the GX6116 that runs at 6gb in filtering mode, 15gb non
filtering, hehe.
Sourcefire just sent me an email about their 10gb solution, but I dont
know if it has as many ports as the ISS box.

Is this even a good location for an inline IPS? It seems like the only
place other than the boarder where I can get any concentrated traffic,
but at the border I cant get internal traffic.

Any suggestions?



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Best regards.
Gleb Pakharenko.

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