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Libershal, David M. wrote:
The TippingPoint IPS has 8 filters that deal with obfuscated code - 4 for
http packets and 2 for SMTP traffic.

I've seen signatures in other products that detect standard
encodings of things like shellcode. Is this what it is

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Are any current network based IDS/P systems able to unwind obfuscated web
script to examine the final javascript product?
It would seem they would have to have a javascript engine to do so and
issues with reassembly, iterations, and delays would preclude them from
doing it inline.

Without this capability, it would seem that network based IDS/IPS is
destined to digress to AV style malware signatures for malicious web server
issues and that the only reliable place to do IDS/P would be on the host.

We've been seeing more and more obfuscated web script and according to a
recently released IBM report, the majority of exploits are taking this path.


Gary Flynn
Security Engineer
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Gary Flynn
Security Engineer
James Madison University

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