Re: Serious Problems with Logiplex IDS


Logiplex completely failed to deliver on the latest contract order for a
very significant project. Repeated phone calls over several months to
company president in Oregon for action yiedled nothing but empty promises.
No equipment ever recieved. Orders have now been cancelled, work reprocurred
with other IDS manufacturer/installers. Recommend you proceed with
significant caution if you decide to do business with this company.

deksea wrote:


I'm an engineer with an Army Installation on the east coast and for
several years now we have been having serious problems with the quality of
support we are getting from the proprietary manufacturer of the IDS system
we are stuck with here at the installation. The manufacturers name is
Logiplex, and they are based in Oregon. Anyone else have any experience
with them? Because of the exceptionally poor service we continue to
recieve, we are serioously considering scrapping the whole system and
going with something better supported by the manufacturer and the security

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