Re: tripwire failed???

I have discovered that my server has been compromised.

Welcome to the happy club comprising... everybody who's ever managed a
server :D

I believe it's
some sort of rootkit.

You should also hunt for the way IN, otherwise you will never shut out
the attacker. The rootkit is a way to REMAIN in, not a way to get entry.

It has managed to circumvent both rkhunter and

Cool. How are you running tripwire, exactly ? Is the list of hashes on
the same box that was compromised ? If so, I believe I can see why your
tripwire didn't work :D

Also, if the rootkit is loaded in kernel space, tripwire will be silent.

anyone know how I might detect/remove such rootkit? I hate to have to
reload OS/tripwire/rkhunter/reload permissions... start over.

Sorry, you have to. There's no other safe way to get that box clean.


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