Re: Worm attack generation tools

Robert D. Holtz wrote:
You would be surprised at what one infected machine can crank out.

I've seen two mediocre machines cripple a four T1 MLPPP bundle. I've done
time at a CLEC and one of our most common problems was folks insisting there
internet connection was down when it was actually an infected machine on
their internal LAN going nuts. I could watch the traffic once it entered
into the core and was able to see that it was trash.

What type of bandwidth are you trying to throw at these things?

I would assume that the IDS system is "mainly" watching ingress traffic from
the internet which for the most part won't be too high due to the cost of
this type of access.

This assumption goes out the window if you have IDS systems separating
departments, business units, etc. Then you're talking LAN speeds.

Department segregation within the LAN is exactly what I'm talking about,
though I can't speak for the OP. Ingress worm traffic does virtually
nothing to us, because it's usually the same 'ole vectors, 135, 139 or 445,
which have been blocked, filtered, or otherwise denied (perimeter routers,
before the traffic even gets to our IPS) from the Internet for many moons.

Still, I like your style, and wish I would have thought of throwing "real"
worm traffic at my boxes.


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