Tracking back internal incidents to users, not IPs

Given the wealth of expertise here, and the combined hundreds of years
of seat of the pants experience dealing with IDS alerts/incidents, I was
curious how most of us were figuring out users to contact VS system IPs.
Given that this is the 'last mile' for many of us, I believe it an ok
topic for this list.

My personal interest is as it relates to internal to internal incidents,
but it has lots of overlap with external to internal and internal to
external incidents as well.

Say for example you detect port scanning originating from an
un-authorized internal system, how do you go about getting a user name?

Note that I am assuming that the source is a DHCP system here (otherwise
it is much easier problem).

I realize there is a lot of industry talk around DHCP, DDNS, user auth
(say Active Directory), NAC and such, but looking at real situations
today I am very interested in how people are solving this problem.

I am often given an internal IP# on my own network and asked to call the
user and ask them why they are doing something strange. I would ideally
like to use some kind of extended NSlookup to tell me who to call. And
while I won't be a spokes person for Microsoft any time soon, I think it
safe to assume that I would like to somehow find this info stored within

And yes, I realize that for the info to get to AD, it must be a
credentialed user, and maybe this is an area to debate, but I am simply
looking for ideas based on how others have solved this, not a 100%
perfect solution.


Note that I would take an open source or a commercial product as a
viable answer.


Charles Kaplan

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