Re: challenges in capturing Gigabit ethernet

Its not only installing GB NIC. An IDS/IPS must be capable of processing the packet at that speed. For this purpose, it makes use of HW accelerators, efficient algorithms and data structures.
I hope you have some idea now.

At 01:28 PM 12/23/2005, Siddharth Phadnis wrote:
Hi All,

Vendors have long been talking about gigabit ethernet capabilities of
their IDS/IPS. It got me thinking that is it just a simple matter of
installing a gigabit ethernet card in the appliance and capturing the
packets or is there any specialized hardware which is required.

In effect, what all challenges are involved in capturing packets off a
gigabit ethernet network so that packets do not drop. Does it just
involve the hardware or are there some considerations in software too?


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