Re: HIDS solution for NT4 machines

From: Jason Thompson (
Date: 10/06/05

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    Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 10:30:24 -0400
    To: OnlyIknow 4sure <>

    What about Snort? They have binaries for Win32, and as long as Winpcap
    will run under NT4, snort should be a breeze. I haven't run Snort
    myself in NT4, but it's definitely worth a test.

    And as far as price goes, it doesn't get much cheaper :)


    On 10/6/05, OnlyIknow 4sure <> wrote:
    > We did think about putting an IDS/IPS device in front of the NT4 machines or
    > even a Cisco Pix FW, but the expense knocked that idea down. Some of the
    > boxes are already on segregated networks in some of our manufacturing
    > plants, but someone could plug an infected system up unknowingly to that
    > network segment and then game over. I know we're not the only company out
    > there that unfortunately has NT4 machines running, I'm just surprised that
    > there's not a company out there servicing this area.
    > I looked at Osiris and am trying to figure out if that will work for our
    > needs or not. I'd appreciate any other software/hardware ideas you guys
    > might have.
    > Thank!
    > Bcihak
    > On 10/5/05, Jason <> wrote:
    > > If you can't find a HIDS, then you can always put in a network IPS and use
    > > it to separate your NT4 servers from the rest of the environment. If 6a
    > > breaks your software, a HIDS may as well, even if you find one that works
    > on
    > > less than 6a. So a network IPS would be a good alternative.
    > >
    > > -J
    > >
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    > > Subject: HIDS solution for NT4 machines
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    > > I work in a large distributed network. We have several workstations and
    > > servers that are running on NT4. I've been tasked with finding some sort
    > of
    > > a HIDS (Host based Intrusion Detection System) software solution to
    > protect
    > > these machines from zero day exploits, worms, and BO's. I've looked at
    > > Cisco, Blink by Eeye, Destop Protector by ISS, and Primary Response by
    > Sana
    > > Security. None of these will support anything lower than NT4 SP6a. My
    > > biggest problem is I have several machines that are running below SP6a and
    > > because of the flaky software running on these machines, I can't install
    > > SP6a without breaking the app. Does anyone have any good experience with
    > > other products for NT4 server/workstation below SP6a.
    > >
    > > Just a side note, most of these machines will be replaced within 2 years,
    > > but that is a long time to leave exposed machines on the network.
    > >
    > > Thanks!
    > >
    > > Bcihak
    > >
    > >
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