Snortcenter, Prelude-IDS

From: Sven Müller (
Date: 08/15/05

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    Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:43:56 +0200


    I'm planing to set up a new IDS environment. Up to now I always used
    Snortcenter ( which worked quite
    well for me. But I think the development of this tool stopped because the last
    news entry on the web page is more the 2 years old. Does anyone have
    some information about that?

    However, I just visited the prelude homepage
    ( and this framework sounds very intersting
    for me. Does anyone has some experinces with Prelude?
    I like Snort very much and Prelude can be connected with Snort, so I
    would have a centralized place for collecting and normalizing events.

    Do you have any experiences with Prelude?

    Mostly I prefer to use FreeBSD do you have any information about this

    Thanks for you hints!

    Regards, Sven

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