Re: Looking for HIDS-only products for XP/2000Pro

From: Jean-Pierre Denis (
Date: 08/07/05

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    Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 20:04:43 -0400 (EDT)
    To: "Bill Stout" <>


    Bill Stout wrote:
    > I'm assuming most companies do both HIDS and blocking. Are there any
    > companies which specialize in HIDS for XP/2000Pro? Specifically passive
    > (worm/virus/Trojan) attacks, maybe with an online database for
    > reference.

    You can detect worm, virus & trojan with NIDS. They transmit and propagate
    trough the network so a NIDS that use signatures to detect this should
    alert you.

    For example:

    > In other words, if we have a product which protects against certain
    > vectors (IE & Outlook), and we want to prove that it did protect them
    > although it doesn't detect, what could I use to detect and identify
    > specific attacks?

    Place a NIDS inside and outside. I mean one before the defense system you
    already have (this will prove that they are comming in) and one inside your
    defence system.

    The one inside should not see the malware since they are suppose to be
    blocked by what you are using already.

    Also, something to check the integrity of your host like tripwire should
    be used on _all_ production server.

    As far as products goes, there is many of them.
    Okena which was bought by cisco. OpenHids.
    Snort not in promiscus mode would do the job too!

    Hope this help,

    Jean-Pierre Denis
     (LPIC1 - LPIC2)
    WebGlobe Solutions TI
    tel.: (819) 246-0WWW (0999)

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