Re: parsing very large tcpdump files

From: Vern Paxson (
Date: 11/21/04

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    Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 16:53:47 -0800

    > 1. Filter out traffic to/from a specific IP address or range
    > 2. Reconstruct all reconstructable sessions in an easy to parse way: emails, web sites visited (and content uploaded/downloaded), voip, anything else imaginable.
    > 3. Be able to search all of this data for keywords.

    Bro is well suited for doing this. It has a number of relevant hooks -
    tcpdump/pcap filtering (via the restrict_filters/capture_filters script
    variables, or at the command line, or via the "discarder" interface when
    the list is too big to do via a filter) for (1), demuxing of reassembled
    streams into individual files (via the contents.bro script) and app-level
    summaries for apps it knows about for (2), and app-level event handlers +
    its signature engine (for apps it doesn't know about), for (3).

    You can get it from If you wind up using contents.bro, drop me
    a line, as we recently fixed a bug that can cause problems when it generates
    thousands of files (the current public release doesn't yet include this).


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