RE: need your help about IPS and IDS,thanks

From: Andy Cuff (
Date: 11/17/04

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    Hi Lily,
    Sorry I couldn't reply to your request for more info on the difference
    between Attack Mitigation Systems and IPS this morning. As I see it an
    Attack Mitigation System blocks through rate based technology whilst an IPS
    is more content based. The two technologies are becoming blurred as the
    products develop from their embryonic state and provide some coverage of the
    others' technology. Though IMHO they still tend to concentrate on their
    core business, AMS don't make great IPS and vice versa. Though I have to say
    I think the divide is getting ever closer. Unfortunately the vendor
    marketeers (you know who you are) will latch onto whichever buzzword is
    flavor of that month and will use it to make a sale. The end result is a
    mailing list, such as this, full of unsatisfied buyers who were looking
    either something to protect their network from hackers who purchased AMS or
    products to protect their networks from DDOS and bought IPS.

    AMS =
    IPS =

    The above pages aren't quite up to date, I was hoping to tackle them over
    the weekend, but the fervour around this subject warranted their early

       -andy cuff
    The Talisker Network Security Portal
    Computer Network Defence Ltd

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