Re: need your help about IPS and IDS,thanks

From: Lily (
Date: 11/17/04

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    Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:25:02 +0800

    My thesis focus on the several level protection and the IPS is the important part.But I know little on IPS and I can not distinguish the IPS and 'anomaly' detection IDS besides the inline and passive,I think the detailed technology about the two is same.Because there all bulid normal model.
    I thought to do a data mining analysis tool several days ago,but I think it is difficult to me.I am expecting the SFS,but I think maybe I can not understand how to work because I still not use the snort.I am a green hand in the IDS/IPS and I only know little:(
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    > Lily,
    > I am not sure what is you thesis focus and what exactly is the project about
    > but I happen to work in a company called Securimine which is distributing
    > SFS - a data mining analysis tool for snort (you may have a look - I will
    > love your feedback). I have some thoughts for you that might be helpful:
    > - IPS and IDS are not really different. They both monitor the systems, make
    > some decisions based on rules (these can be behavioral rules or specific
    > attacks signatures), and then decide on action.
    > - The one difference is that IDS do not support 'block' as an action while
    > IPS do. This difference implies that IPS must be positioned inline while IDS
    > can be passive.
    > - The dream of IPS is that the security system will do everything for you
    > and will make sure that everything that needs to be prevented is prevented
    > and the rest is just logged. This dream is NOT true and if I may say so,
    > will never come true (perhaps only for DDos and 'quantity oriented' attacks
    > like worms). The reality is that the best IPS systems today have 10% of
    > their ruleset marked as 'blocking' since 90% of the rules create too much
    > noise. Eliminating the noisy rules diminishes the value of the detection
    > engine and is not realistic.
    > - Without doing too much marketing, this is why we started Securimine. We
    > believe that even if you block what you can, there is still going to be tons
    > of data generated by the other rules which is important and need to be
    > analyzed. This is the true value of data mining - the ability to identify
    > the normal behavior from the data itself and alert when things out of the
    > ordinary happen.
    > Hope that helps,
    > Ophir Rachman, Ph.D.
    > Securimine Software Inc.
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    > Subject: need your help about IPS and IDS,thanks
    > hi,all
    > I have some questions to ask which must be simple to you I think.
    > 1.IPS must build normal model while IDS can use the abnormal
    > model(misuse detection)?If it is what's the difference between the IDS's
    > anomaly detection and IPS?
    > 2.Has someone formally use the data mining technology in the IPS?
    > 3.Besides the DoS and buffer overflow etc,has any other way be used in
    > IPS just like the users behaviour analysis?
    > 4.Why someone said IPS can not log the trace of the attacks while IDS
    > can do?I think IPS can do it easily.Maybe because IPS is in-line and log
    > the trace needing many time?
    > So depressed with the IDS/IPS and my thesis is flying in the sky:(
    > Thank you in advance.
    > Lily
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