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From: Joseph Hamm (
Date: 09/29/04

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    Two links you should check out from the ISS Knowledgebase:

    Why do I have to select an Adapter for Kills?


    How does a RealSecure Kill (RSKill) work?

    The funny thing about TCP resets is that sometimes they work and
    sometimes they don't (at least in my experience). With any type of
    mitigation response there are pros and cons. On the upside, you don't
    have to reconfigure one of your network devices to kill the connection.
    On the downside, they aren't always reliable. It might be the case that
    this is the only option if there is no network device between the two
    hosts. Of course, that is where blocking at the switch port comes
    in......which has its own issues;)

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi folks

    Basically sensors operates with promiscuous mode interface for
    But there is an optionality in an IDS to alert the firewall
    block the intrusion IP, and also to kill the session or connectionby the
    sensor itself.

    this we see in Realsecure Network sensor 7.0 where there is a option

    But the question is how is it possible for a interface in promiscuous
    to act like this since there is no binding in the interface(TCP/IP,etc).

    Did it uses other NIC which is for management purpose???

    Hope u all understand the question


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