RE: Firewall vs. IPS - Differences now (ISS, Intrushield 2.1?)

From: Bob Walder (
Date: 09/06/04

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    To: "'Jose Maria Lopez'" <>
    Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 10:18:51 +0200

    I agree...... For now!

    But I thought we were talking futures (reading back to Greg's original

    Given increases in capabilities of hardware, do you REALLY think these
    will still be separate devices in five years time? (And let's not go
    into what "next big thing" will have replaced ALL of these technologies
    by then...;o)


    Bob Walder

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    >> El lun, 30 de 08 de 2004 a las 23:27, Bob Walder escribió:
    >> > The only REAL question is who will win the race to product
    >> the perfect
    >> > integrated device - the firewall guys or the IDS/IPS guys?
    >> >
    >> > That's where you can stick your neck out ;o)
    >> >
    >> > Regards,
    >> >
    >> > Bob Walder
    >> > The NSS Group
    >> >
    >> My personal point of view is that the REAL question it's
    >> that there is no question. If you want real security at your
    >> site you should have a good firewall and after that a good
    >> IPS, and to complete the team an IDS out of the secure zone,
    >> just to see who's knocking at your door or watching new
    >> attacks. Everything else is just cheap talk from the
    >> marketing guys at the
    >> Firewall/IPS/IDS companies.
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    >> Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez
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