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From: Thomas (TheTom_at_UnixIsNot4Dummies.ORG)
Date: 03/09/04

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    To: "Rodrigo B. Ramos" <>
    Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 12:48:48 +0100

    Am Mi, 2004-03-03 um 19.52 schrieb Rodrigo B. Ramos:
    > Hi!


    > Can anyone help me in the following job?
    > The X Company has more than 1000 machines (desktop and servers) on their
    > WAN. They installed snort as an IDS, they are logging remotely and
    > sending alerts by email and by sms to mobiles.
    > What are the best steps to customize the alerts? The phone company
    > thought that the servers were doing some spam jobs. They send many, many
    > alerts and probably almost flood the phone phone company network.
    > What is the best way to tell the system to send alerts? Which math
    > should I use?

    First avoid sending every alert via SMS.
    Second there are some papers out there about data reduction.
    A simple example would be the syslogd code that collects equal
    messages for a predefined timeinterval and write only one of them
    to a log file with a note like: "The last messages appears 123 time."


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