RE: Network IDS, or IPS, or Proxy?

From: Evans, Arian (
Date: 08/19/03

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    Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 10:44:13 -0500
    To: "Duston Sickler" <>


    #We live in a 100% Windows world and the powers that be will
    #not be receptive to any *nix solutions. We are more the willing to pay
    for a
    #top of the line product as long is it is in fact top of the line.

    How about *appliances*? Since almost all security appliances
    are 1U Linux boxes...

    #Currently I have been looking at the Symantec Gateway Device. [...]
    #Does anyone have any comments on the Symantec Gateway device?

    I like a number of Symantec's solutions. That said, the Gateway device
    (1) Slow as dirt (it's got Raptor on it; what do you expect?)
    (2) Not much of a NIDS (with roughly 80 signatures)

    If you want NIDS, get a NIDS. If you want IPS, which is what it
    sounds like you want, check out Netscreen's IPS appliance. I
    think it's the cheapest worthwhile IPS on the market.

    I also highly recommend checking out ISS's Proventia appliances
    if you want a NIDS. If you want IPS, look at what ISS has coming
    down the pipe with the next two Proventia models.

    Both NAI's Intruvert and Tipping Point look very cool (for IPS). I think
    Vicki Irwin went to Tipping Point, so you'd expect the signatures to be
    sound. (Tipping Point has been focused on the high-end Enterprise,
    but you might see if they have any smaller boxes coming out soon.)

    If you really want a firewall/proxy/virus-scanner/limited IDS, Symantec
    has the following on their site regarding this new Gateway device:

    Beta Testing:
    The Enterprise Development Alliance Program is looking for qualified
    network administrators interested in beta testing Symantec's latest
    Security Appliance. If you would like more information, or are
    please fill out an online application at:
    I am totally guessing you really want IPS due to the fact you brought
    up that Gateway box. The subject of your email was geared towards
    NIDS and you selected a box that's not much of a NIDS at all, which
    leaves me a little confused as to what you want.


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