Processing time and IDS traffic

From: Eric Knight (
Date: 08/11/03

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    I've been working on a 'universal framework' application for collecting,
    analyzing, charting, log management, control, etc. for "anything goes"
    (forensics, anti-virus, IDS, firewalls, etc.) in a client/multi-tiered
    server environment. At the moment, its all for Microsoft Windows. The
    project has gone wonderfully, and I've been working on expanding the
    horizons of my programs to include the majority of popular tools as it was

    One of the external applications I've been integrating is Snort, mostly
    because its reviews were outstanding and readily available to work with. I
    created a test environment using Snort that generates about 1 error every
    second and I've let it collect 75,000 reported elements (roughly 20
    megabytes of logs.)

    What I did was parse the logs into XML records and arranged them into a nice
    pleasant tree sorted by error type, origin, destination, protocol, port,
    etc. and collected totals by severity, time, total attacks, traffic, etc.
    Then displayed them in a tree structure that's easy to search through and
    make digested reports with. Not sure if its the best arrangement for all
    uses, but it seems to be certainly friendlier than the flat lists I normally

    The problem is, 75,000 records takes about 10 minutes for my test computer
    to parse, sort and process. It isn't a fast box (Duron 750/256meg ram) and
    its mostly overburdened anyway running Snort + development environment in
    debug, but it raised my eyebrow because the code is fairly optimized (for
    Java.) However, I'm disappointed that it isn't next-to-instant (because,
    well, I'm -always- disappointed when something isn't next to instant.
    *grins*) I'm already considering re-doing the whole process in C++, but I'm
    wondering what the process time other people have for similar calculations,
    how many records people usually get on average/day from a typical,
    strategically placed IDS system and what people get from a IDS system
    located on an exposed workstation (personal firewall?) I really have no
    idea what performance I'm targeting for.

    Thanks for your time,

    Eric Knight

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