RE: Active response... some thoughts.

From: Garbrecht, Frederick (
Date: 01/28/03

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    ummmm, just a technical quibble, but a TCP reset wouldn't work with the
    Sapphire worm because it propagates using UDP as transport, not TCP.....

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    > > popular nor, IMHO, effective strategy. First off, as the em
    > ail mentions
    > > below, the attacker can just simply hack his stack to ignore
    > the
    > > resets...hey, it's possible. Also, TCP-
    > Resets can create a storm of packets
    > I donīt agree because TCP RST is sucessful to stop script
    > kiddies. Attacks more sofisticated are few and we know that
    > there are many ways to bypass IDS sensors (more easy ways).

    Actually, TCP resets don't work in many cases- for instance any
    situation where you have a single packet exploit (say the Saphire
    worm that just ran through the Net)... This is the same problem
    that router/firewall reconfiguration has- by the time the response
    happens, the compromise is done.