Re: Intrusion Risk Assessment

From: Fernando Cardoso (
Date: 01/07/03

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    From: "Fernando Cardoso" <>
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    Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 09:58:19 +2400

    Something that might help you is Common Criteria's "Characterisation of
    Attack Potential" draft. Check it out in


    > Anyone know of any IDS risk assessment matrixes out there? I'm
    > looking for something like the following:
    > Rating Severity
    > 1 No Damage a. Not possible to exploit (or)
    > b. No damage (or)
    > c. Hoax
    > 2 Harassment a. Possible damage, unconfirmed (or)
    > b. Temporarily shuts down services and/or
    > temporarily prevents access to information
    > 3 Minor Damage a. Short-term impact (or)
    > b. Exploit allows access to view files (or)
    > c. Minimal effort required to recover
    > 4 Moderate Damage a. The exploit is easy to perform (or)
    > b. Important systems can be effected with
    > administrative compromise (or)
    > c. Exploit allows full access to files (or)
    > d. Long-term effects, significant effort
    > may be required to recover
    > 5 Heavy Damage a. The exploit is easy to perform (and)
    > b. An exploit will cause severe damage to
    > multiple computers (and/or)
    > c. Requires reinstallation or recovery
    > from backup
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