Re: Best Host IDS Tools

From: Jerry (
Date: 12/24/02

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    Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 10:16:57 -0700
    From: Jerry <>
    To: frank <>

    frank wrote:

    > I have just setup my Web server on solaris platform and is planning to
    > deploy a freeware IDS. Now I am evaluating the below IDS tools :-
    > AIDE
    > Snort
    > Tripwire
    > Chkrootkit

    You have 4 different intent tools listed..

    AIDE is indeed a host ids...I have tested it, but not had the chance to
    really deploy it. AIDE looks at all aspects of the system,: file space
    (user induced DOS), password files, etc.

    Snort is a NETWORK IDS, not really a host IDS. Snort only alerts/captures
    based on network traffic.

    Tripwire is used to make sure critical files have not changed via checksum
    processes. This tool knows nothing of
    network intrusions, etc.

    Chkrootkit is a tool used to scan a system fro KNOWN traces of root kits.

    In truth, you need to deploy ALL of them for a nearly true secure

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