which IDS

From: Jill Tovey (jill.tovey@bigbluedoor.com)
Date: 11/12/02

Date: 12 Nov 2002 08:02:06 -0000
From: Jill Tovey <jill.tovey@bigbluedoor.com>
To: focus-ids@securityfocus.com

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hi i am looking to test three different NID systems,

I have at home, one win2k copmuter, one SuSE linux computer, both
connected with a DG814 router,

i will probably get snort but i need two more free ones, that i can test
on these computers, i am a bit worried that i will maybe need an extra
computer to put in the DMZ to run some, i ideally would just like two that
i can run from my normal setup here

it would be great if anyone can reccommend any ?