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Here's an option ...Serial/FrameRelay -to-Ethernet bridge.

Tierra (sp?) Networks makes a box that terminates HDLC/FrameRelay/PPP
connections and converts the frames to ethernet. Works similar to an inverse
multiplexer (I/MUX).

---ISP----{Serial frame}--[TierraBox]---{Ethernet frame}--[Router].

You could place an inline ethernet tap before the router and plug a IDS
there. That way you are seeing packets before your ingress filters kick in.

This works for Multlink (MPP/FrameRelay for example)connections as well.

 Rob Wiley
 Rob Wiley
 Sr.Data Communications Engineer

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  In my opinion, something on your net will always have to be exposed.
Generally, that's the router. Some people will say to not worry about
routers, only worry about your hosts, but I disagree. Security deals
Confidentiality, Integrity, but also Availability. If a hacker can
down your router, then you are a sinking ship (I would assume) as your
is no longer available to your customers. While the attacks may be
negligible, you need to decide: Do I want to know who's knocking on my
proverbial (network) door? (then you need to figure out what you're
to do about it, but that's another email).

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Assuming Cisco, there is a FWIOS that contains LIMITED IDS
Looks for about 59 known IDS signatures. Not what I would recommend for
your hosts, but it's a start. is
great write-up for hardening (again assuming a vendor type) a cisco
there was also another by Brett K. and Variable out on the Phrack web
that I couldn't find my stored URL.

Now, would I redesign my entire configuration to have full service IDS
my border router? Probably not, but the above will provide due
on your part that you have a reasonable position of security for that

My $.02, you asked, I gave! :-)

Dustin Howard, CISSP
Manager, Network Engineering & Operations

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Subject: Protecting your router.

I was just curious on how others with IDS setup on their network protect
their routers. My setup is similar to this:

T1 > Router > Firewall Appliance > IDS Appliance.

Not quite sure on any products (haven't seen any) that will take a line
right off the CSU/DSU and perform pass-through with it and still filter
traffic. If I am being to vague just ask what I mean! Thanks in

Thank You,

Chris D.
Network Security
Mendo Link, LLC

"An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure."
Om Namo Narayanaya

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